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What We Do

As a platform, we’ve built one of the largest audiences on the Internet, connecting millions of people globally per year with expert advice when it’s needed most.

Our Content

Our digital publishing department creates mission critical content covering a variety of topics across several verticals. Operated by digital media experts and supported by a large, passionate network of content creators and contributors, we publish a high volume of daily content in several formats including videos and editorials. Our primary goal is to create a unique voice and personality for each of our brands.

Our Technology

With our entire business centered around the digital world we place great importance on creating and maintaining quality websites for our brands. To ensure impressive results and an efficient process, we transform our business vision and goals into digital operations through a strategic technology plan. While the business environment and goals may be challenging, our technology department is made up of fierce, goal-oriented developers, graphic designers, QA specialists, and analysts who work hard to create and maintain quality technology, ensuring we retain a competitive advantage.

We create and use internal tools to develop websites and web applications for our brands, ensuring high standards, clean architecture, and quality code. With the use of graphic design, custom software development and systems architecture, our technology experts keep our websites up to date, well maintained, user-friendly, and bug-free.

Our Monetization

We generate revenue through an advanced monetization strategy focused on digital ad optimization. Digital ad cost optimization, ad setups, and building relationships with advertising partners, brands and marketing agencies are a core part of our business.

Our strategy includes diverse monetization efforts with the largest impact generated programmatically by utilizing both client and server-side header bidding. We also take advantage of direct relationships when the opportunity arises, such as high impact takeovers and sponsorship deals.

Our Brands

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